Breathtaking Chalets in New Zealand That are Worth Visiting

Nothing beats spending time in the super-sophisticated chalets of New Zealand. As far as holiday and travel destinations are concerned, chalets in this region claim the bragging rights as some of the most heart-warming and game-changing experiences. New Zealand is gifted with a vast and spectacular terrain and you would be spoilt for choice when choosing a suitable chalet. With chalets that rest on tops of magnificent cliffs often with picturesque lake views that are to die for, New Zealand has got it all. This is why it may prove a little bit overwhelming when choosing a chalet as every choice seems better than the last one. Here are a few helpful pointers that can come in handy when choosing.

Huka Lodge, near Taupo, North Island

Huka Lodge is a critically-acclaimed and award-winning resort and the number of accolades and awards it has garnered over the years will simply blow your mind. Set on the Waikato River, this chalet has a landscape that dreams are made of. These are excellent and prime hunting grounds for trout-fishing aficionados. The trout fishing expeditions on this resort are the stuff of legends and it doesn’t get better than this. If you have a soft spot for royalty, you will be pleased to know that this superb establishment has hosted Queen Elizabeth II among other royalty. Among the available amenities include a petanque lawn, tennis court, swimming pool, and croquet.

Wharekauhau Country Estate, Palliser Bay

Imagine you and your family residing in 10 beautifully made guest cottages sitting pretty on cliffs overlooking the devastatingly breathtaking Palliser Bay. Now, what if whale watching, helicopter picnics, clay pigeon shooting adventures, and sheep shearing are also part of the package? Irresistible, isn’t? Yeah, we thought so too. This and much more is what you get when you settle on Wharekauhau Country Estate. What sets it apart is that this chalet is situated on a real-life 5000-acre working sheep station, making this experience of a lifetime. After all, how many people can boast of holidaying on a sheep station overlooking a magnificent bay?

Azur Luxury Lodge, Queenstown

What can beat waking up every morning to a glorious and captivating view of Lake Wakatipu courtesy of the skillfully done floor-to-ceiling glass windows of the exclusive and private villas at the Azur Luxury Lodge? In this resort, it is the small and well thought-out things that make the biggest difference. You get a bathing experience like never before as the bathtubs are strategically located by the wide windows to give you a vista that will stay with you forever. To add to the icing on the cake, the main lodge is a work of art with vast decks, high ceilings, and a renowned open bar with a wide array of sumptuous delights.

Minaret Station, Wanaka

Visualize a tented lodge so exclusive, that the only way to access it by a helicopter! At Minaret Station, Wanaka, it doesn’t get better than this. Situated in the rugged Southern Alps, the fun begins even before you reach the lodge. You will be treated to a chopper ride with stunning and unforgettable views of glacial valleys. With four safari-style chalets surrounding a centrally located common lodge at your disposal, this resort is all the rage among holiday goers who value privacy and exclusivity. For the more adventurous and daredevils guests, heli-skiing or being piloted into the belly of a glacier are just some of the activities lined up for you. Regardless of the cold, worry not as the bathroom floors are well heated in addition to hot showers. Don’t even let us start on the superior and mouth-watering cuisine available at the chalet!

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